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Daggerhand Park

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Riverside Isle Park, now simply known to all as 'The Park', is the current Daggerhand base of operations near the city of Sunberth proper since the execution of their former Boss, Robern Dalagnar. It consists of a four and a half-acre forest shrouded isle to the north shore of the river which runs through Sunberth proper, bisecting the city as a whole before meeting together north of the isle into a singular river once again.

The Park in all of its beauty turned into Dalagnar's last laugh in the face of all of his enemies after his death. When the city turned on the syndicates in an act of civil decimation, The Daggerhand retreated to the Park where Stiletto first rallied the remnants of the gang, and fended off the horde that was Sunberth. It was a feat that could only have been done due to the first thing anyone ever sees when wanting to visit the park: The Clockwork Bridge.

This four and a half acre forest shrouded isle stands close to the north shore of the river which runs through Sunberth proper, bisecting the city as a whole. It is of interest as after the events of Fall, 511av, Robern Dalanger ordered it converted into a park for the population to use as they saw fit. He ensured its building throughout the winter, all the while keeping the true reasons behind the decision to himself that it was to be a physical reminder to the slum goers on the other side of the river that following his principles and keeping out of his way would only promote prosperity.

As such it is a mixed bag of sorts for Sunberth's population being its only park; yet being a physical sign of Robern's rise to power. Through the trees, one can see the northern hills of the old mines, as well as partial views of the town itself in all its decrepit glories.



The park itself is lovely. That alone is an ultimate irony given the most brutal gang in Sunberth controls it. Staggering vistas can be seen far off of the Slag Heap towards the east hills. Robern Dalagnar's lovely Rotting Mansion and gallows can be seen to the north as a clear sign to those who wish to betray him. Indeed, much of the park is centered solely on presenting the man's twisted desires to the populace. Just one of the many silent power plays attempting to keep the masses in check should they ever decide to strike at him.

It currently possesses three interesting features amidst its trees and hedges. Atop a small rise lies a circle of 'standing stones' with some ancient clockwork device at the center within the ground. Most believe it to be a meeting spot for some Pre-Valt scholars because the stones seem to be designed like chairs around the assumed, Astronomy related, device. Then there's the only means of access to it going past the Daggerhand River Docks, The Clockwork Bridge. Last but not least there is a small wading pool Robern had built for those wishing to rest their feet after wandering the many stone gravel paths which wind their ways amongst the woodland isle.

While the park is beautiful, the citizens know better than to venture to the very northern point of the isle where the large brick three-story Daggerhand complex resides. For the Daggerhand, there is a small private dock towards the back of the building which the gang uses to transport supplies and reinforcements to and from the city. Using the river itself as one of their best assets. The Park's Manor has enough space to house half of the gang comfortably within it and below in its lower basement areas, with the rest needing to camp out on the park if necessary. On average, other than being beautiful, the land is typically used as a training ground.

Locations of Interest

The Clockwork Bridge

Before anyone ever finds themselves awe stuck by the Beauty of the Park, any historian or Gadgeteer of note would simply be baffled by the bridge leading to the Daggerhand Headquarters. The only means of access to the park past one northern Daggerhand River Docks rests The Clockwork Bridge.

Staff and NPCs

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