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The Kabrin Road

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Probably the most famous roads known within Sylira, The Kabrin Road links Syliras to Karjin in the north and Sylira with Kenash and Riverfall in the south. The Kabrin Road was the Syliran Knights second road building project after the establishment of their city, the first being, naturally, the well-worn paved pathway between Syliras and Zeltiva. The branch of the Kabrin between Syliras and Zeltiva is simply called the Syliras/Zeltiva Road. All in all, the Kabrin Road is more than two thousand miles long, linking Taldera to Cyphrus. Within Syliras, there are periodic Traveler Shelters - small well-stocked cabins with hearths, firewood, and small cots. There is no food within these shelters, but travelers are encouraged to use them, keep them clean, and restock firewood. Many travelers' lives have been saved by finding these shelters, especially in the winter. They are spaced approximately twenty miles apart and visited by Syliran Knights on a five-day cycle to make sure they haven't been vandalized or stripped of their firewood.