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The Wolf’s Den

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So far as organization goes, the Wolf's Den is given its space. Home to the most sinister cutthroats in all of Sunberth anyone without a weapon is usually dead within seconds of entering the north-eastern portion of the city, their body used for decoration, rape, or even just looted and desecrated. Sick and deranged, the Den - as the locals call it - is the home of Dastana Nariette and her pack of wild dogs, groups of individuals renown for killing anyone for the slightest infringement on anything they consider "sacred".


The Den itself is actually a wide range of run-down buildings in solid disrepair. It borders the old mining tunnels to the north and thus makes for a dreary atmosphere, the houses all small and clumped together with whatever bindings can be found. There are no new buildings as any recent structures use material from the old architecture, low on both skill and materials. Nevertheless, the Den stands in proud defiance of its sinking nature, the inhabitants content to live in their muck. There are various "Safe Houses" located throughout the Den, areas agreed upon by the locals where you can't kill anyone - fight, sure, but death is responded to in kind by another death, often that of the idiot that broke one of the only rules in the entire damn city. These safe houses act as a gathering point for some of the more criminal elements in the city where they can discuss deals and negotiate terms for whatever it is they have in mind. The "no death" rule is off as soon as one leaves the house though, which results in individuals bringing guards anyway.

Even neutral territory is proven to be deadly in Sunberth.

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