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Dastana Nariette

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Dastana Nariette
RaceMixed Blood
Place of birthFalyndar
Weapon: Khopesh65

No one screws with Dastana Nariette, the "pack leader" in The Wolf’s Den. That's just the way of things. A Half-Blood Myrian outside of Falyndar is something to fear. Dastana makes every effort to remind the populace of Sunberth of such a truth. Physically adept, she is one of the most vicious combatants inside the city and kills without a second thought. She is cold, efficient, and savage in her demeanor; the wrong word on a good day will get your throat cut, the right words on a bad day will net you a lifetime of suffering. No one so much as respects the woman as fears her and well within reason. Dastana has been known to offer protection for anybody for the right price, though she isn't known for being easily negotiated with, nor being refused. Entering business proposals with Dastana is either a purse-lightening experience or a blood-letting nightmare. Dastana, unless personally conducting business, never shows her face in public, night or day.