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Twilight House

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Twilight House

Twilight Tower Insignia

The Twilight House is one of the three ancient founding families of Lhavit. During the heavy uneasiness that clouded The Suvan and Alahea Empires, the coastal peoples were separated from their Suvan counterparts because they were living at the very edge of the seas on the western hemisphere of Mizahar. The Twilight Family originated from those named after the merging of the night and day, specifically notable for their expertise in Morphing. They were heads of their people, along with the Dusk and Dawn family, and acted as councilors, choosing the best path for the survival and the prosperity of their people. It was due to the Twilight House - Lhavit's history states - that the survivors of the Valterrian were able to manage to not only locate the current site of Lhavit (the Morphers in of the Twilights transformed into birds and scouted far and wide for a safe haven from the massive environmental damage after Ivak's imprisonment), but were able to guide the remains of their people to the future city's site. For this reason alone, the Twilight House has remained hugely influential in Lhavitian politics and have retained leadership positions within the city.

The Twilight House suffered during the Day of Discord as its leader and the source of the House's reported corruption, Weisur Twilight, was executed. And with that event, Altelo Twilight was able to step forward and assume control of the family leaving Weisur's wife and children as the sole survivors of that particular line of Twilights. Having recovered from Weisur's execution, the Twilight family is thriving once more. Their students in the Twilight Tower have redoubled.

Located on Sartu Peak in the north, the Twilight Tower is part of what was originally the Twilight Estate, and has since been opened to the public; with the exception of the wing that now houses the instructors and family. The Twilight Tower is led by the Svefra Ethaefal Orath, of Syna, and Inartan Tasa, who follows Leth.



The Twilight Tower today have built themselves up from the ashes of their ancient civilization on the Sartu peak. They retained the same position they once had, as advisers to the Council of Towers who overlook the majority of various topics in the city. Besides their knack for morphing, they, as well as the two other families have opened their homes to teach prospective students for a price, and have since built farms on the lower ground to grow food crops for Lhavit. They are an incredibly wealthy family, but are still notorious for their elusive and mysterious ways. Most if not all low-ranking Lhavitian citizens make way when a member of a Twilight family is present, no longer out of fear since Weisur's death, but ouf of respect for all the family does for the city.

It is safe to note that their influence over the people of Lhavit since the city's founding has long since dwindled with the establishment of the Anchorite and the Star Lady, Zintila. Their power now simply revolves around the Council of Towers and their own prowess in the art of Morphing. Notable teachers, the Twilight family has risen from the ashes of the day of Discord stronger than ever. Their current notoriety in Lhavit revolves around their charity work and their outreach towards the citizens of Lhavit due to Altelo Twilight's influence.

Notable Members

A small example of the Twilight family tree.

Kalvale Twilight - Brother to Vaito, uncle to Weisur and former Patriarch of the Twilight Family. (Deceased)

Vaito Twilight - Former Patriarch of the Twilight family, famed Morpher and father of Weisur, Kanami, Altelo, and Nosumo. (Deceased)

Alyshi Twilight - Mother of Weisur, Konami and Altelo, wife of Vaito. She oversees the rice farms and has a knack for business.

Weisur Twilight - Slain during the Day of Discord, former Patriarch of the Twilight Family. (Deceased)

Altelo Twilight - Weisur's younger brother by two years. He is the current Patriarch of the Twilight Family.

Kanami Twilight - Weisur's younger sister by one year. Noted painter and calligrapher.

Nosumo Twilight - The youngest Twilight adult son. He is gifted with numbers and a droll sense of humor.

Joining Twilight House

Players may create PCs that are related to this house. There are plenty of room for children in the current generation. Parents must fall within the current notable Twilights as listed on the genealogy chart, and can be living or dead depending on the PC's age. Please contact Lhavit's Domain Storyteller for permission to join one of the three notable Houses.

Active Twilight PCs

The Twilights
heightHaeliMorpher, Witch of Caiyha, Owner of All Things Wild in Lhavit