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To Do



  • Fix red links in wiki pages with available information
  • Standardize tagging and categories
  • Add Djed Storm of 512

Formatting Stuff

(Stolen from Gossamer)

  1. <font color ="green">text</font> ---> text creates green text.
  2. <font color ="#114499">text</font> ---> text creates text with hexadecimal color #114499.
  3. <font size="4">text</font> ---> text creates text with size 4. Sizes are from 1 to 7. The standard size is 3, unless otherwise specified in the <body> or other tags.
  4. <font size="+1">text</font> ---> text creates text with size 1 bigger than the standard. text is opposite.
  5. <font face="Courier">text</font> ---> text makes text with Courier font.
  6. <s>text</s> ---> Strikethrough