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Welcome to the very addicting world of Mizahar's Wiki! This page contains the Wiki Rules that all users editing the Wiki are required to follow. The Mizahar Wiki is a constantly evolving compendium of articles containing information about Mizahar's game world, including notable people, places, historical events, and other concepts. As more stories are told, more information is added. Because the Founders and Storytellers cannot possibly add everything necessary (although they try!), help often welcomed and encouraged. If you have any questions about the Wiki Rules, please post a Help Desk Ticket, and we'll do our best to answer them.



  • Anyone registered on Mizahar may create a wiki account.
  • Wiki Account names do not have to match character names played in the forums.
  • Account names must follow the naming policy outlined in the Rules, including no real-world religion-oriented or copyrighted names.

Editing for Grammar, Spelling, and Punctuation

  • Editing pages for grammar, punctuation and spelling is perfectly acceptable and will get you hugs, virtual cookies, and Wiki hero status with the admins.
  • Adding links and references is also acceptable. The first occurrence of a concept explained elsewhere in the wiki should have a link to it, so feel free to turn the first mention of Ivak into Ivak.
  • Feel free to edit ANY pages for this type of alteration, with the exception of Personal User pages or subpages. These should only be edited by the User to whom they belong.

Developing/Expanding Existing Material

  • It is perfectly acceptable to add to the existing material in the Wiki by transferring material that has been presented in the forums by Storytellers and Admins. This means that if there is something such as a location or NPC description posted in a roleplaying forum by an approved Storyteller or Admin, Wiki users can feel free to create or expand a Wiki article that contains that material.
  • Please remember to add any applicable Category Tags at the bottom of the article. For example, a Syliras Location should have a [[Category:Syliras]] tag added to it. NPCs should have a [[Category:NPC]] tag added to them. Monsters also have their own tags. If you are unsure which tags to use, feel free to ask any of the admins.
  • Developing skills already listed in the Wiki is strongly encouraged! This is especially true of those articles tagged as stubs. Please outline the skill completely in the World Development Forum and get approval for your article before you update the Wiki itself.

Developing Completely New Material

  • Please do not add any NEW material to the Wiki until your ideas have been posted in the World Development Forum and approved by the Admins. After approval, a user may create a new article or update existing articles to reflect the new content.
  • Users are encouraged to develop any material they feel is appropriate to the game so long as it is completely original. It is Mizahar's policy to refrain from "borrowing" concepts or characters from other fantasy worlds or games (including, but not limited to, elves of any inflection, hobbits, D&D monsters, and small, happy, blue creatures who are constantly tormented by a bumbling wizard and his cat).
  • The World Development Forum is the appropriate place to start a discussion or post an idea for feedback.

Changing Existing Material

  • Unless you are an admin or have direct permission from an admin and the original author of the material, do not alter existing material for any reason other than spelling or grammar. This is considered bad behavior. The only exception to this if if the previously submitted material is somehow in violation of Mizahar's Rules, e.g. submission of copyrighted material, plagiarism, obscene material, etc.
  • Malicious alterations of the wiki are a total waste of your time. All edits can be reversed to previous versions with a simple click.
  • Admins routinely stalk the wiki for changes so alterations are noted immediately.
  • The Founders reserve the right to change any material within the wiki at any time.


  • Storytellers may add any locations, NPCs, organizations, or domain specific information to the wiki that pertains to their area.
  • Domain storytellers are responsible for maintaining a page providing comprehensive information on their domain. (Ie. DS of Avanthal is responsible for the Avanthal city page.)
  • Storytellers should always add any monsters, flora, or fauna they develop through the course of their storytelling into the wiki. Larger comprehensive writeups should be approved through the World Development Forum so that others may comment. Brief descriptions or simple paragraphs defining an entry in a summary may be added (by following Article Guidelines) to the wiki without going through the World Development process.

Submitting Character/Account-Specific Material

  • Character or account pages can be made using the wiki User: system. Each Wiki account has the ability to create a User page. For example, Gossamer has a complete User Bio listed under User:Gossamer. Each Wiki user can feel free to post an Out of Character bio under their User Page. Please remember to use User: rather than just submit under your user name.
  • Talk pages can then be added to your user pages. Talk pages can be used to list 'todo' lists, keep user notes or even post character residences. Talk pages are searchable just like normal wiki pages, but this system keeps the official game lore data separated from user contributions. Talk pages can be used to post IC things as well, such agendas, notes, etc. (ie. User_talk:Gossamer/ToDoList = Gossamer's ToDoList in Development)
  • Mizahar also has a specific forum in the Resources section that is called Character Journals. PCs should feel free to keep IC notes and information there as well in their Character Sheets. If information would be normally found in Character Journals or Character Sheets, it should be placed in the User talk pages within the wiki.
  • Character-owned businesses or other notable locations may be placed into the wiki normally as locations.

Other Rules

  • Wiki Users must follow the game Rules of Mizahar.
  • Don't be afraid to use the talk pages attached to each page to note your changes. Please sign them using the 'signature' button which will add your name, date and time.
  • If you have any questions, please feel free to talk to an Admin (one often lurks in Chat) or post a Help Desk Ticket on the boards. We're here to help, and we want your experience to be an enjoyable one.