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Image:Scroll2.png "It is not always about where you come from or even who you think you are in this life that defines who you will become. Existence as a whole is complicated to put it mildly."
- Caiyha, Goddess of Naure
Threat levelLow to medium
Major featuresPhotosynthesis, humanoid features, Caiyha's Gnosis Mark
AbilitiesWild Sense
Most common inAny of Nature's Biomes

A Wildling is a type of Moldling; Created by Caiyha, Goddess of Nature, as a being intimately attuned to nature. The Wildling holds within them a seed from the First Tree, the source of all life. They all bare the mark of Caiyha and are similar to Laviku's Otani in that they are favored children of the divine. Recognized by all of nature's children as being blessed by Caiyha, the wildlings represent the raw connection with nature; capable of linking their minds and souls with that of the natural world around them. They are healers, historians, warriors but first an foremost they are, of nature. Each bares a special mark of Caiyha with the First Tree predominately displayed upon their flesh.



Life began with the First Tree, the beginning of everything that would follow. From the seeds of the First Tree, everything from the simplest form of life all the way to the gods themselves was born. Each seed contained within it the potential for any possibility. Kihala, Goddess of Life, is the divine personification of the First Tree. Her daughter, Caiyha, serves as its caretaker; helping to spread and guide its seeds throughout all of existence. The seeds of the First Tree fall from its branches and spread throughout the Ukalas, eventually sprouting and creating something new. These new creations manifest in all that the Ukalas touches. In rare instances; but a handful since the time of creation, Caiyha has granted seeds from the First Tree to mortals. With the power of infinite possibility, the seeds may grant anything from objects infused with life to a complete transformation of the mortal who receives them. Few have ever gazed upon the First Tree and even fewer have ever been blessed by its seeds. Before the Valterrian, only a dozen or so bearers of one of these seeds existed. In the few centuries following the destruction wrought by Ivak, a few more arose. Seeing a need for those able to navigate both Civilization and Nature while balancing both, Caiyha chose a handful of individuals to undergo a challenge. These individuals were stripped of the majority of the trappings of civilization and forced to survive in the heart of nature. If they survived, they were blessed with the knowledge of the First Tree and gifted with one of its seeds. They would become the first Wildlings since before the Valterrian.


The Wildlings do not appear all that different from any other mortal creature aside from a small, egg-shaped wooden protrusion embedded in the center of their chest. More recently they are made up of human, kelvic, isur, ethaefal and even ghosts. They all bare the mark of Caiyha although it is unique among her followers. The mark appears as the First Tree with the signature Triskelion prominent on the tree's trunk. Its branches and roots wrap around the Wildling's arm while various elements specific to their bonded biome round out the mark. While basking in the sunlight, the Wildling will appear somewhat more vibrant with physical coloration appearing more exuberant and snapping. While it depends on the individual, some Wildlings make look wild and unkempt while others may look impeccably clean and manicured.


Wildling behavior varies with the individual. Some are peaceful, calm and insightful while others are rash, angry and militant. As with nature itself, Wildlings are always in a constant flux. Their strong ties to nature often lead them to difficulty fitting in with more established society. In places that find more balance with their natural surroundings, the Wildling will find themselves more at ease; more attuned to everything around them. For those living in places where nature is seen as a challenge or a threat to be overcome, they will feel more conflict, aggression and difficulty balancing the aspects of civilization and the wild.

Wildlings embrace sunlight and water with joy as these two elements provide them with strength, health and vibrancy. In the light of the sun and with adequate amounts of water, the Wildling will never fear starvation as they gain nourishment from these things. They are able to heal twice as fast in the presence of sun and water and can expel most basic toxins from their bodies in little time with little adverse effects.

Wild Sense

The Wildling’s connection with nature is unique among all of nature’s children. It provides the Wildling with the ability to instinctively sense certain details about the surrounding environment. This ability, while offering a lot of insight into the Wildling’s surroundings, is limited to the specific “biome” that the Wildling is tied to. Much like the biome’s of the Witches of Caiyha, the Wildling find’s their senses empowered by those specific places. The skill level in Wild Sense is determined by taking the average of skill levels in Wilderness Survival and Animal Husbandry. For example, if a Wildling has a 20 in Wilderness Survival and a 10 in Animal Husbandry, they would have a 15 in Wild Sense (20 + 10 = 30 / 2 = 15). Wild Sense has four levels of influence just like other skills, detailed as follows:

L1 (1-25) – The Wildling can sense the presence of all lifeforms within a half mile radius. This ability is accessed through mediation. Any natural animal as well as humanoids can be sensed although details of sensed creatures is very limited. The Wildling can detect the general direction of lifeforms and rough distance but other details are just out of reach. They can also detect the presence of edible plants although the exact knowledge of said plants is limited to existing skill levels in herbalism, botany, poison, etc.

L2 – (26-50) – The Wilding’s senses are enhanced. They are able to identify the exact species and/or race of animal/humanoid within a half mile radius through meditation. While they may identify the lifeforms, their knowledge of said lifeforms is limited to existing knowledge and lore. In addition, the Wildling will be able to sense general age and health of sensed creatures. They will also know if the lifeforms are engaged in instinctual acts such as sleeping, hunting or mating.

L3 – (51-75) – The Wilding’s senses grow to much greater levels. They are able, through intense meditation, to identify a specific animal within a half-mile radius and know everything about it. They will know age, health and instinctual motivation; sleep, hunting, mating, etc. They may also, while focused on this particular animal, see what they see, smell what they smell and taste what they taste. The Wildling becomes a passenger of sorts, unable to control but able to experience everything the animal experiences.

L4 – (76-100) – The Wilding’s senses have merged with their surrounding environment is a very intimate way. Through meditation, they can feel the movement of animals; smell their scent, taste what they eat and feel their happiness and despair. These feelings can be overwhelming at times and focusing too much on any particular sense can result in an overload that causes great pain and confusion. The Wildling is so in-tune with nature that they can give up a bit of their lifeforce in order to heal any creature or plant within a half-mile radius by exchanging conditions with said animal. Thus, if an animal is seriously injured, the Wildling can transfer that wound to themselves while sacrificing their health; restoring the animal in kind.


In the absence of any other gifts, Wildlings are as vulnerable to harm as any other mortal being of their race. Even though they benefit from the presence of sunlight and water, the absence of these elements does not harm the Wildling.

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