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Image:Scroll2.png "Is that all you've got you trash for Dhani?! You make Siku pull out her scales. Yeah, that's right, come at me."
- Yissera goading an opponent
RaceDhani (Viper)
Date of birth320 AV (aged 203)
Place of birthZinrah
TitleLesser Viper Queen
Long Spear40

Yuisslyissera was born and bred in the dangerous climbs of the jungle wilds, despite being a Queen Yissera embraces her gifts and strength as a Dhani, and though not as large and strong as her Constrictor cousins, hunts regularly and can often be found training with her lessers. Though quite abrasive of a personality, Yissera also has another side that everyone claims has been carefully cultivated by her closest friend and confidant, Shlasszareness, for the Viper Queen at moment's notice can change from a fighting machine into a well spoken member of the Queens that reside under Tanabis. It is the toss of a Miza which personality one might encounter when approaching Yissera, and few do without good reason.


Yissera is imposing despite her height, even in human form

Yissera's Serpent and Dhani form has unique horn like appendages that sprout from her snout, and her coloring is that of rich browns and greys melded into appealing and mesmerizing patterns upon her back. In human form she keeps her head shaved, hating hair, and her skin is a rich bronze.


If one meets Yissera briefly, they may not think her a good candidate for being a lesser Queen of the city. She is often curt to the point of utter rudeness, and tends to anger easily. Though she is smaller and weaker than the Constrictors of the city, she is constantly picking fights with them regardless, and often hides various injuries on her person. Despite all of this, Yissera is an exceptional public speaker, and for those of whom she does not anger, is able to curb a fierce loyalty to her person. In Zinrah this has amounted to more than a small Viper following. Between her own passionate fire and Zareness's doting and preening, both of the Viper Queens tend to a number of devoted underlings in various ways, and are able to curry favor throughout the city with relative ease.


Yissera has an extensive family, though few still reside in Zinrah. Many of her relatives have sought out Ekytol for more Viper friendly climbs, instead of trying to battle for dominance with the Constrictors of the nest. That being said Yissera's mother 2 younger sisters, and 4 older brothers reside in the city. She does not spend much time with them, her Queenly duties keeping her busy, but is rather fond of them nevertheless, a fact she is loathe to part with.