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Image:Scroll2.png "She is by far the loveliest of the Queens, never angry, never rude or demeaning to us males, and yet... I sometimes feel as if she is more dangerous than those Constrictor Brutes."
- Viper Male
RaceDhani (Viper)
Date of birth320 AV (aged 203)
Place of birthZinrah
TitleLesser Viper Queen

Shlasszareness is an aging Jungle Viper Dhani born and raised within Zinrah and determined to make her mark upon the city in the centuries afforded to her. She is at first glance, quite unassuming for a Lesser Queen of the tunneled city, but her gentile manner is but a carefully cultivated facade that she uses to manipulate those around her, with the sole exception of Yuisslyissera. Zareness has brought herself up to the feet of Tanabis and does not let anyone, least of all Constrictors of the nest forget it.


Zareness is anything but the simple beauty she appears to be in human form

Zareness is wreathed in beautiful shades of green regardless of which form she takes. In Dhani and Serpent forms she has a light almost neon underbelly and slightly deeper emerald back made to pop even more by her piercing dominating crimson eyes which do not carry to her human form, where she appears to be a rather diminutive dark haired female garbed simply, but always elegantly in flowing green dresses with just a touch of jewelry.


Zareness prides herself on the fact that she rarely ever needs force to get what she wants. She spends years, even decades cultivating relationships, especially with males of the nest, buying into confidences and using cimpliments and flattery to win over friends, allies, and doting suitors. Most never even realize Zareness is manipulating them for she asks for only the slightest favors, which pale in comparison to any affection or gifts the Queen has bestowed upon those she asks, yet Dhani of Zinrah can sometimes see the careful events that Zareness puts into motion by simply asking someone to whisper something in another's ear. The viper sets an example that fear is not the only way to gain respect, and no one can ever argue with her flawless methods.


Zareness has separated herself from her family almost entirely but has become an adoptive part of Yuisslyissera's. Stories circle about pressures from her family to leave the nest and make her living elsewhere, as well as her role as a craft person when Zareness dreamt of bigger things. No one knows precisely who Zareness actually holds blood ties to in Zinrah, if they even still reside in the city.