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Date of birth482 AV
Place of birthSunberth
TitleHead Nurse/ Nurse Yuivon

Yuivon is the current head nurse at Sunset Quarters Orphanage in Sunberth.


Though born and raised in Sunberth, Yuivon grew up practicing he Benshira culture whilst growing up with her grandmother. She knows nothing of her real parents other than the stories that her grandmother could tell her, and that was if the elderly women had the strength to speak or could even remember. Yuivon's childhood consisted of her staying inside looking after her sickly grandmother, and though the child felt that she was helping her grandmothers condition better, it still did not stop the inevitable from happening. Yuivon took her grandmothers death as a failure. Thinking that if she would have had the knowledge, that she would have been able to help the only family she ever knew. She swore then that she would spend her life helping those that were sick like her sweet grandmother, teaching herself the ways of a doctor over the years, though not being greatly skilled, she worked on who ever would let her for miza in return. Not being able to keep her grandmother's home, she was kicked out, homeless wandering the streets of Sunberth until she stumbled across a large building filled with children. Taking it as a gift from her lost loved one, she quickly pounced at the opportunity.

Getting Calyn "Knower", the owner of the Sunset Quarter Orphanage, to allow her to help the children proved a difficult task. More difficult seeing that she was mostly fluent in Shiber, and though she spoke common really well, it was thick and broken up with her accent. After many bells of persuasion and halfway begging, she finally became Nurse Yuivon of the Sunset Quarter Orphanage where she treats ill orphans, and tenants for a price. Always greeting people with a warm smile as her grandmother did others.