This forum is designed to house any and all world development discussions.

  • Lore Discussion
    This is the first step to starting a lore article. Please hold all conversations about lores here in this forum. No development takes place here ie Article posting. This forum is simply for threads that want to hash out what a lore should or shouldn't include as well as its merits and flaws. One can also gauge interest in new lore here as well. Polls are encouraged.
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  • Lore Workshop
    This is where all lore articles are created, edited, noted on, and basically worked up. Feel free to comment, but please do so in the Lore Discussion forum, not here. Remember these lore articles are all WIP. Once the authors feel they are ready to be posted for Peer Review, they can be moved to the Peer Review forum. Lore articles should be a complete first draft before they goe to Peer Review.
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  • Peer Review
    Please post all your approved development articles here. They must have an "Approved" tag from the previous forum. Articles in this section do not need to be complete, but if so, please tag with [Peer Review]. This forum is for FINISHED articles that are undergoing peer review and revision urged by said review.
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  • Founder Review
    Please post your development projects that have gone through the peer review process here. All articles in this forum must be tagged "Approved" in the Peer Review forum.
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