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Hey there

Postby Valtralis Fynbos on March 10th, 2010, 3:12 am

Hey everyone,

First off, I've gotta say this looks like one of the most original and exciting things I've seen when it comes to fantasy writing and I couldn't be more pumped about getting into it. There is some seriously high quality writing being done in parts of this and the fact that it's being done in an original universe just makes it that much better.

I'm Cameron, I used to do quite a bit of fantasy writing when I was younger, but over the last few years real life has taken me away from it. Now that I've found myself with a bit more free time on my hands I'm trying to get the creativity flowing again and hopefully I'll be able to draw from a widened range of life experiences. I've put together my character sheet (or at least what I think it's supposed to be), and am looking forward to getting started. The character I'm going to try and play is quite a bit different from the normal ones I usually write and I'm curious to see where it takes me. I'm sure there's any number of other things I could/should be including in this introduction, but work has drained my brain for now so I'll leave it at that.

Anyone got any advice for someone who's new to this particular world?
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