Mizahar is now a MSN Windows Live Group.

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Mizahar is now a MSN Windows Live Group.

Postby Gossamer on December 13th, 2009, 11:48 pm

Greetings Mizaharians-

Mizahar now has a Group on MSN's Live Messenger program. This goes along with our Facebook, Twitter, Stumble, and multiple RPG Site Listings. The great thing about Windows Live Groups is the networking is pretty impactual. Such networking allows not only for an outreach to other potentially new players, but keeps existing players updated when there is abnormal circumstances. Since we have a very stable and effective chat program linked to the site, questions can be answered normally immediately by those lurking in chat. However, sometimes oddities occur.

When you have a connectivity issue, for example, you can always check with a group member that is online to make sure the issue is not at your end. MSN provides an quick and easy way to see who's who and connect with them in real time for any question you might have.

That being said, Tarot is incredibly proud that throughout all his numerous upgrades, and there has been a great deal of them (in some cases weekly) , Mizahar has experienced ZERO downtime since its opening. We anticipate a continuation of this tract record even as we grow and expand. However, on a personal issue, I had connection issues because of my own provider and was able to bypass the issues (a bad router) through the help of other members which I was able to contact via networking.

So for such networking, we now have an MSN group. Those of you who have me on MSN (centaurheart@hotmail.com) have already been issued an invitation. It should be in your inbox as you read this. Those of you who do not, but wish to join this group, can feel free to add me and I will send you an immediate invite. This is just another way for our community to grow closer and in doing so expand.

Thank you so much for all the help everyone does in providing support and growth for our community!


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