Inarta/Wind Reach Questions

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Inarta/Wind Reach Questions

Postby Delle on June 11th, 2017, 1:38 am

Hello! I've been reading up on the lore and am starting to form my first character. I'm leaning toward Inatra, with her starting under the avora caste and hopefully rping her way toward endal.

However, Wind Reach is closed, so is this concept out of the realm of possibilities? Is Wind Reach the only settlement where there are Wind Eagles? If I were to change the history a bit and start her already bonded with an eagle, is it plausible to keep the eagle with my PC even if Wind Reach is closed? (I read somewhere that Wind Eagles are colony birds and will not tolerate being away from home for too long)

The Inatra lore is fascinating to me and I'd really like to make this concept work, but don't want to continue her char sheet if it doesn't make sense IC.

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Inarta/Wind Reach Questions

Postby Gossamer on June 11th, 2017, 1:43 am

Hello there and welcome to Mizahar.

Unfortunately Wind Reach is closed so starting as a caste of Inarta or an Endal with an Eagle is not possible. Wind Eagles do not exist outside of Wind Reach because they are colony birds and to get them to leave even for short trade runs is very hard on them.

You can play an Inarta born away from Wind Reach with dreams of returning or even an Ex-Endal who's eagle has died and maybe they've set out into the world to do some healing? So.. just to recap. You can start as an Inarta, no issues, but you won't have a WR Caste because you aren't in WR. No Wind Eagles outside of WR unless its just a trade trip visiting and that would only be possible when the city was open.

You can always head to Wind Reach if the city reopens. Or potentially if you love the city that much, you can always strive to become a Storyteller and reopen the city yourself once you've got enough Mizahar time under your belt.
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Inarta/Wind Reach Questions

Postby Delle on June 11th, 2017, 1:53 am

Thank you for the quick reply!

In that case, I'll pocket this concept and start with something new until Wind Reach opens back up.
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