Some questions and ideas

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Some questions and ideas

Postby Deleronark on August 23rd, 2017, 7:39 pm

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Hello all, this is not my first Q&A post, and I'm certain it will not be my last. But, I had a few more questions now that I am back which I wished to clarify, and or ask. Some are from my last post, others are brand new.

I think I understand them correctly, but I just want a few clarifications which I could not find in the lore.
Flashbacks do NOT require you to register in the domain you are flashbacking in.
~Flashback Lore

  • I assume this means that the flashback is still posted in the region at which it takes place? Such as for Dels backstory that could be The Wildlands of Sylira, even though he is currently in Endrykas.
  • I also see that they can be used for gaining lores and skills if graded, however I am unsure who the grade is summited to, is it the charactrers location, or the flashback location in which it is summited?

I have asked about this before, but there is more I wish to make sure.
The Flux being a body magic I feel it would be usable in both forms? I know it is a horrible idea to do Flux, and morphing, but the shift into a kelvic is total, not a mix or morph.
~Previous Question

  • From what I gathered sense then, and threw answers its seems this is a safe assumption? To be able to use the ability in both forms, however it would be advised to get better antiquated with the anatomy of both?
  • I would still like to know if anyone has seen examples of Kelvics using flux, or any other type of magic really. I feel I can't be the first one.
  • What about using the Flux for trade like tasks? For instance blacksmithing for speed, strength, or other uses? I feel this is a very practical application other than fighting, but I wished to see what others think or have seen.

That is all of my questions for now, however I am certain I will have more as I get answers.

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Some questions and ideas

Postby Dove Brown on August 25th, 2017, 8:48 pm

Flashbacks are posted in the place where they happen, provided that place is open for play. (So you can't write a flashback in a closed city)

They are also posted for grading in the place they are written, or in the nearest grade request thread to it. Some wilderness areas have their own grade request threads, some don't.
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