The Drykas Writeup Is Complete

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The Drykas Writeup Is Complete

Postby Gossamer on December 21st, 2009, 11:11 am

After a long delay that was mostly unavoidable, the Drykas subrace of humans has gotten their writeup finished. I know there were a great many people waiting on this one, so I hope you all enjoy. Remember, if you have a wiki account, feel free to correct any odd grammar or off spelling you run across. Here's an excerpt.

It is said that the God of Winds, Zulrav, once raised his voice in song and combined it with Semele's in a symphony never before heard on Mizahar. Within this union a claybank stud colt was born of the wind and earth in a song that did even Rhaus proud. Where the colt first put his hooves to the ground and ran, the earth flattened out and grass sprung up thick and lush creating the Sea of Grass. And from this colt who grew into a fine strong stallion sprang the rest of the Cyphrus Striders – a proud noble breed of horse. Rakivas, as the stallion came to be known, eventually chose a rider, Serifal Drykas. And together they gathered followers. Rakivas founded a herd and Serifal attracted companions… which bonded to each other. From those mares and stallions and their riders were born the Drykas and the Horseclans of Cyphrus. And like Serifal, the people who eventually populated the Grasslands were from strong Alahea stock, which simply meant their blood was touched by magic. They taught magic to their children, and their childrens children, until the Grasslanders were a force unto themselves, using arcana in unique and interesting new ways. Unlike some of the rest of the world, The Drykas held tight to their ancient magics – the gift of their ancestors – and saw it through even the Valterrian, holding magic near their hearts.

Feel free to read the whole thing when you have time. The Drykas It's rather long winded.


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