I had a dream... and I was wondering if you'd be part of it

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I had a dream... and I was wondering if you'd be part of it

Postby Runas on July 31st, 2011, 1:13 am

Hello Mizahar-folk! My name, in real life, is Reza, and I wish to tell you of this dream I had a few nights ago. First off, it was really a dream, and secondly, my dreams are usually extremely vivid, this one included, but it really didn't get to finish... And that's where you come in!

The dream was about the Ethaefal and their choice to descend from the Ukalas. It was them deciding, that since there was a good possibility they could live for a very, very long time and were the very image of beauty, they would have no problem over-running Mizahar. Now, what I dreamed was each group of Eth, led by select members from Syna and Leth's individual realms, walked into the tear and fell to Mizahar. This is where a post in a thread I completed with Seven Xu came along, where Runas (an Ethaefal of Leth) comments on how she was told that rain on water signified that Leth or Syna was weeping for the loss of their children, depending on the time of day. Well, storms cover most of the land as the Eth descended for a few days, until most of the twin realms were empty.

My dream continued to the point where naked men and women made their ways to different shores, entered any small settlement, and proceeded to kill everyone there. This was to gain weapons and clothes and to discuss the next course of action, since the leaders were separated from eachother at the fall.

:) This is where Mizahar comes in! First, I wanted to ask for permission from the Founders to write this story about the Ethaefal attempting to control a world they were removed from. And second, I wanted to know if anyone wanted to volunteer characters! I would credit everyone who helped, but for the next few days if I am approved, I will be studying Lore like you wouldn't believe. O-o There will be character death and enslavement, good Eth and bad Eth, and a whole lot of action. A few Gods will die, and have bodies quartered and eaten (think of what happened to the God who had his heart eaten). I will do my best to be indifferent to who I choose to live or die, but believe me... Fighting races like the Zith, Akalak, and Dhani will do some insane ass kicking. And many will die.

Anything that happens in this story will most likely not happen in game! You volunteer to have your character maimed or celebrated. I will not tell you how it ends until it is complete, but I will release it part by part here and on other sites to broadcast Mizahar.


PS: I hope I posted this in the right place, or I just wrote a whole bunch for nuthin' lol. O-o Forgive me Founders!
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