How to Get a Thread Going

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How to Get a Thread Going

Postby Rezin Luce on August 5th, 2011, 6:02 pm

Hello all, I'm new here, just started. I'm really excited about Rping here but... no one seems to want to Rp with a newbie. I started an "open" thread for people to join, I've advertised for it, and I've also asked in the matchmaking forum if anyone would like to thread with me. It seems like I'm going to be stuck just making Rezin's story in my head, rather than playing her character and playing her story out.

I probably sound kinda dumb and whiny, but I really would love to know how I'm supposed to get started around here. I mean, it seems like once you get something going, your good. So I just need a little help with that. Thanks!
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How to Get a Thread Going

Postby Tiki on August 5th, 2011, 6:16 pm

Hey newbie, use spell check a bit more...

You'll find a lot of players are pretty well situated in their own immersive roleplays or with others, so don't get distressed! :D Now you've pretty much done all that I have as well in terms of trying to find someone interested, but again, we're left undiscovered.

Take this opporuntity to do some flashbacks, solo threads, or moderated threads to flesh out your charater more beyond the CS. Take the descriptions from the CS and put them into action. By doing so you only gain!

As for you sounding dumb, don't be silly, you're taking the initiative to solve a problem, which is better than sitting around waiting for SOMEONE to JUST RESPOND TO THE OPEN THREAD, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE-kind of thing.

So ya, my suggestions would be to try a few solo threads and such to flesh your character further, show off her character until someone finds her an attractive source of cooperation between both CSs which will lead to joined threads. Otherwise scroll up a moment and click chat, find us...communcate further. Ultimately being polite about it helps, but have some sort of agression so your request doesn't end up forgotten.

My suggestion, if you have not already, speak with the Sylaris mod (whose name I forget...sorry mod! :D) and talk about setting up a job. If you wanna make it in that city you're going to be a working girl!

Last but not least, as I haven't had the opportunity before, welcome to Mizahar, I look forward to future capabilities of writing with you. :D
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How to Get a Thread Going

Postby Trios on August 5th, 2011, 6:40 pm


Yarrgh its time for Trios’s tips on how to get a thread going.

1) Take a look through the matchmaker thread for anyone in your current area and see if you can help them achieve their RP goals. They would most defiantly repay the favour back with developing your character goals. You know, you scratch my back I scratch yours kind of deal.

2) Conflict, Conflict, Conflict and just a little bit more Conflict! Go beyond the regular threads that go “Hi my name is….”, “O my name is……”, “I’ve never seen you before tell me about yourself…” . Instead why not just sucker punch that person, take their money and see where it goes! Though I am not saying go out of character to create conflict but stir the pot a bit, who knows you might just surprise yourself how fun a thread can get.

3) Jump into the sea of open threads, or just PM other players who’ve been playing a bit longer to see if they want to thread. Don’t limit yourself to RPing with people who are new like yourself, go to the cbox and yell “Hey all you old players I would love to RP with you!”. This place is friendly and amazing so don’t think that other players would deny you a chance to RP with them.

And that you scervy codfish is how you do things! Yarrrrgh lol
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How to Get a Thread Going

Postby Lucy on August 29th, 2011, 12:50 pm

If you haven't done any threads until now I suggest changing location. Syliras is popular city and it's hard for newbies to start there... Pick some smaller city. Then you could answer somebody in matchmaker forum rather then wait someone find you. I saw some Klevics searching for bondmate and threads and few of them just searching for threads like you. If you haven't started anything in Syliras just find someone in matchmaker forum and start there. There are many quests for Sunbreth and Alvadas. But it's your choice, of course, you have open threads in Syliras to join. Don't wait for someone to find you, search around. If I ever find myself at the same location as you I'll like to thread with you.^^
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