[Rules & OOC] Welcome To The City Pride Forum!

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Herein lies all things city pride related. Feel free to post pictures, ideas, gush, cry, complain, plot, or just advertise why your city is so great.

[Rules & OOC] Welcome To The City Pride Forum!

Postby Gossamer on September 27th, 2011, 7:00 pm



Welcome to The City Pride Forum!

Everyone is always trying to coordinate with others of their city and so in order to completely and utterly cater (we like spoiled players!) to the needs of our pbase, the City Pride Forum has been created. Designed to be a fun OOC place to come hang out, the City Pride forum is all about pride in your city. To that end, we've come up with a few simple rules to follow - rules designed to encourage pride in one's place of living!


  • Each city gets one thread and one thread only. Once that thread reaches 100 pages roughly (everyone' s browser is different) a new thread can be created and the old one locked and linked to the new.
  • Only characters of that city may post in their city thread.
  • Anyone can start a city thread of their own pc's city. However they must LIVE in that city or have VISITED that city and roleplayed there. None of this "I visited in 506!" but don't have any flashback threads there.
  • Only one city thread can be ongoing at once. All 'new' aka duplicate threads that are created before the 100 (roughly) page mark is reached will be deleted.
  • Anything can be posted in a city thread. It must be ABOUT the city. Chatter, chitchat, nonsense, poetry, pictures, plotting, just saying hi, singing praises about the race, complaining about the race - all this is allowed. Pretty much anything is allowed as long as its on topic and that topic being THAT CITY.
  • All other Mizahar forum rules apply - ie. be polite, friendly, no flames (well okay flames allowed as long as its directed to the race not the individuals), etc.
  • Mods can post in any thread (being a mod has to have some perks to balance out all that grading right?), but feel free to boo and hiss them out unless they are your racial mods.
  • Have fun!

Also feel free to use this thread as a Q&A if you have questions, comments, concerns, or just want to talk about this idea. I'm more than happy to answer questions and help folks get started in what should be a very fun active forum.
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