Chat test

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Chat test

Postby Tarot on March 6th, 2010, 10:44 am

Hey everyone,

in view of the reports about chat not performing as it should (to use an understatement), I have enabled AJAX's "socket server". Normally, your browser polls the server for updates every two seconds (when the green light turns amber). With the socket on, your browser uses an invisible Flash file to connect to the server and only pull updates when there is new conversation to download. Your light would only turn amber when someone enters a message. I suppose the large volume of updates is probably what causes chat to fail for some of you, so this may help you.

EDIT: Chat now uses this by default, but if your light still goes amber every 2 seconds without any new messages on the screen, then you may have to clear your cache and retry. Let me know if this helps lessen the chatkicking.
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