Looking for Assistant Storytellers to help build Endrykas!

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Looking for Assistant Storytellers to help build Endrykas!

Postby Tundris on March 8th, 2010, 3:01 am

Whether you've made a Drykas character, or visiting the city as another race, you may find that in your travels through Endrykas there are incomplete concepts, missing locations, and lots of opportunities for growth! If you have something to contribute, why not consider applying for an assistant storyteller position in Endrykas? As the domain storyteller of Endrykas, I'm always shorthanded considering all of the ideas that are waiting to be substantiated - I am always looking for help and any amount is really appreciated, no matter how small!

Storyteller Application

If you'd like to contribute to Mizahar via Storytelling, please feel free to fill out this application and post it in its entirety in the Help Desk. We are actively looking for dedicated storytellers that have creativity, flexibility and a good sense of fair and balanced moderation.

1. What is your name?
2. What is your age?
3. Please list any characters you might play.
4. Please list the position you are applying for (RS, DS, AS).
5. Please give a detailed accounting of why you want to apply for this position and how you want to improve this area. What drew you to this region? What is special about it? Please be specific.
6. Please list your favorite aspects of Mizahar and why.
7. Please list the aspects of Mizahar you feel need improvement and why.
8. Please list any applicable experience you might have with storytelling (can be off site).
9. Please list any development projects you might have been involved with. Why did you get involved? What drew you to this sort of development. What made you enthusiastic about these projects?
10. Please provide a recommendation from an existing storyteller.

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