Lost in Time?

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Lost in Time?

Postby Deshira on June 3rd, 2012, 3:27 pm

Hey guys.

When I started playing Mizahar, it was Winter 511, I think. Well, I started a thread in that time frame, only I had to leave Mizahar for awhile. Now it's summer in Miz, and I know I should wrap that old thread up, but what about all the lost time in between? I want to have some sort of story for my character. Could I do my own thing in a couple of solo threads, or do I have to wave goodbye to the Spring I missed out on?
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Lost in Time?

Postby Legion on June 3rd, 2012, 3:47 pm

Hi there.

Unfortunately, you can't create threads for spring 511 AV. They would be considered an illegal flashback. Flashbacks, threads taking place IC prior to the present season, are only allowed to be timestamped prior to character creation. Only in very rare circumstances have I seen exceptions made to this rule. Something you can do, however, is create what happened to your character during the missed threading time and get creative about it. You could, for example, write a dream thread in the dreamscapes forum wherein she is having a dream about the events that took place. Or, in a present thread, she could have an actual memory flashback to said events and you could artistically detail them that way.

Hope this helped.

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