Questions: Akalak

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Questions: Akalak

Postby Eryndar on September 7th, 2012, 11:28 am


I've read the Akalak page a few times now and I still have a few questions in mind. Here goes:

    >> I get the feeling that Akalak have, next to their principled discipline, a pretty strong sense of community and kinship. Does this affect their residential possibilities in any way? Is it expected for an Akalak to stick around their peers and around their cities or is it encouraged/permitted to take to the road for whatever reason? What would the Akalak society expect of and encourage their young to do? (For someone who's not a Cerulean, that is.)

    >> When it comes to their dual nature... The two separate personalities they have are supposedly aware of eachothers' existence and know what's going on when they're currently in the passenger seat. Can these two personalities communicate with eachother, though? If the "light" personality is currently driving, for example, is there a way for the "dark" personality to "speak" without having to switch seats with the "brother"? Can they communicate mentally in that the current passenger personality can speak through the mind or anything similar?

    >> Akalak have great difficulty reproducing and maintaining a steady growth for their species, I gathered as much. Is it purely something expected of young men to find women to mate with, or is it an instinct they developed since the volcanic apocalypse? As in... do they have a notable "drive" to procreate or is it simply a matter of their society's expectations on them for the sake of survival? (I know this may seem like an odd question, but it does feel necessary to ask. Mentality and all that.)

    >> Again regarding their dual nature. Their second personality, is it a sort of "opposite" to the main/first personality? I mean, as a rule. If the main personality is leaning a lot to one side, will the other personality always lean the opposite way and in the exact same degree?

    >> Reproduction, once more. Akalak are sensitive creatures, as the information available states. However, what is expected of them when taking a woman to birth their sons? Does it go no further than the rest of society not giving it a second thought past "as long as there's a child concieved"? Considering the fact that it wasn't unusual, according to the page, that Akalak even purchase from slave pens. ... What's the general "ideal" for finding women/mates in Akalak society? Is it purely for breeding?

... Do my questions make sense at all? T_T
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Questions: Akalak

Postby Mist on September 7th, 2012, 7:48 pm

Alright, I will do the best I can to answer your questions.

1- It is true, that the Akalaks do have a strong sense of duty, and of kinship, relating to other Akalaks. And the majority of Akalak's are to be found in Riverfall. But considering how long they live, and there varying personalities, I would not at all be surprised to see ones that decide to go on a journey across Mizahar, or to visit or live in other places. In fact, once they hit 30 yrs, and have become a proper adult Akalak, I am sure many decide to go and see the world and expand themself, so as to bring back what they learn to there home.

2- I have always imagined that they could sort of talk in their heads to each other, if not in words, but in images and thoughts. At least conveying impressions to each other. Since they share a body, they can also feel the same things, and experience the emotions and current condition of the other, so would know how the other is feeling of course.

3- I think it is more of a societal thing, learned and ingrained into there society as a necessity. I doubt genetically they have any more of a drive to mate and breed than say a human or other race. Though most have a bit more restraint than humans in that regard. But one raised away from Riverfall, or away from Akalaks would likely not feel as driven to breed and carry on the species.

4- In general, they have many opposite features, and on average are what the other lacks, and so are more or less opposite. However they are not the exact mirror image, or opposite in all, even though that is likely the more common way for it to go.

But they might have some common features, even if they express it in different ways. Such as both loving hunting, while one loves it for the excitement of the chase, and the other loves it for the fact of getting to rip into the flesh of a beast and kill it, and dominate it. Due to there differences, they enjoy it for different reasons, but in the end are similar in that the both enjoy the same activity.

5- For some, especially the colder ones, that is all there is to it. Just mating and breeding, making children. However for some there is a closer connection, perhaps love, though that is difficult in that they are so long lived and will likely be young of body when there mate is old and grey.

All I can say is that is varies from one Akalak to another. It depends on there base personality, and who they are. Perhaps one will just take on a slave, and mate with a kelvic to make a child, uncaring for them. Another might fall deeply in love, and attached to there mate, being heavily affected should they die, staying at there side as they wither and grow old, and never loving again once they are gone. It all varies from one to another.
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Questions: Akalak

Postby Gossamer on September 7th, 2012, 8:15 pm

Mist answered all your questions beautifully. Better in fact than I could have.

I just wanted to add one thing about Akalaks and reproduction. Most of them are acutely aware they are on the verge literally of extinction. So if an Akalak is within Akalak society hes really reminded of this daily because to gain rank in Riverfall your status depends on your number of descendents. The more kids you and your children have the higher you are raised in the setting. This drives some Akalak to reproduce often and without thought. To do so they use humans and kelvic. Mainly this is because of their short lifespans getting attached serves no purpose other than the pain of their loss anyhow.

The more caring and involved Akalak that want long term more 'normal' relationships such as marriage always try and choose Konti because their lifespan is comparable and such a situation can happen. Because an Akalak can have a Konti or Akalak child from a Konti it is a win win situation for those men that want daughters in a society that values women above a considerable amount of other things. It is also thought by some intellectuals that the Akalak and Konti races are meant to blend and become one in the form of the Akontak. And that these children are the next generation/incarnation of a more powerful being on Mizahar.

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