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Awesome Threads

Postby Alice on June 5th, 2010, 8:06 pm

The idea of this thread is to share recommendations of rp threads you think are truly awesome. You adore the writing and the plot and want others to enjoy reading those threads too. I hope I'm not the only one who does that kind of extensive thread stalking ...

There are two rules: Do not post threads you're involved in, that'd be too much self-praise. And do only post threads that are already finished.

I'm going to start with two threads I think are thrilling to read. (Warning: Both are modded by Tarot ...)

I think, therefore I kill - One of the first adventures ever (I suppose?) in which five people visit Sahova to fulfill a simple task, but are confronted with a mess. Two golems wreaking havoc - what else do you want for an awesome plot?

A Refreshing Excursion to the Wildlands - Actually kind of the sequel of the first thread, Satu gets captured by a group of strange people ... and experiences a series of very shocking things before she comes free again.
Mura ... Starting Guide ... Konti

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