I have cookies...

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I have cookies...

Postby Drayvenos on February 26th, 2013, 2:48 am

Oh hai :)

How's it going everyone? So newbie here, been on and off roleplay sites for a few years but left the others because of a lack of interest. With everything this site holds...the sky is the limit for my character(s) and i cannot wait to partake in some adventures with you guys :)

A little about me...currently in my last semester in college here in Connecticut and ready to get out there in the working world. I love running, hanging with friends, cooking, traveling, working (sick..i know...i hate school), boys, meeting new people, and often times hate myself after that extra shot of tequila at the end of a wild night.

So my character in the making is going to be a male Symenestra so hopefully I will have him up in a few days and will post the link here when he is finished.

And yea! That's me! You probably want your cookie now huh...

*leaves out tray of cookies*
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I have cookies...

Postby Bethsyliss on February 26th, 2013, 3:05 am

Your cookie was delicious and you have well earned my hearty welcome. I think we will get along well together, since I seem to like most of the things that you've listed as well. Except for running. I mean, come on, who really enjoys a jog? Anyway I'm really happy that you're making Symenestra, I nearly opted for that race but I thought meh, snakes can probably crush spiders so why bother with the weaker. Imagine what a cross between a spider and a snake would be. The world would be at its mercy.

So anyway, good luck with creating your character, and have fun playing it!


*leaves with crumbs from the cookie all over the room*
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