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Pick me!

Postby Harusun on March 4th, 2013, 4:08 am

Be gentle if I'm doing something wrong <.<'

I'm really unlucky when it comes to finding, and joining an active roleplay.. I'm also not very picky. I prefer long term Roleplays, set in the past, and I can be part of any roleplay, as long as some spellcasting is allowed :o. Here I am, if you think you could use this character for your roleplay! I would love to become and active member, and help you bring it to life. I love to play alongside the bad guys, but I don't like to be the center of attention either. So if I am a villain I'll need someone who is in charge of the villains maybe X D. But I can if you are creative enough to merge a chaotic character with the good guys, can play alongside the heros. Her spells are semi extensive, but none are alone very powerful, she is diverse. Not the one going to slay the dragon anyway X D but can make any encounter a little more interesting. I love noobs, and professionals alike. WARNING: Detailed character read ahead!

Name: Harusun ( Nothing, just Harusun ^.^, there is nothing else to her name. )
Class: Spellcaster/Waterbender, graceful command of water, without a water source it can be exhausing but can be summoned from the particles in the air, near a large water source she becomes very powerful. Example: On a boat in the ocean.
Race: Human..
Gender: Female
Age: 21
Height: 5.6
Weight: 127
Eyes: Piercing Amber. ( Inuyasha style ^.^ )
Hair: Shoulder Length, and white. Messy, not straightened, but not dirty either. Beautiful, soft, but not orderly..
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral-Chaotic Evil. ( Very situational.. She wouldn't kill children for no reason, but if the guards of the city were to anger her, and she started killing them.. Well seeing their children running through the streets during, or shortly after the encounter will trigger her sadistic side just as much as seeing a fellow guard. )

Clothing: She wears A red tabard like outfit, with red, and black throughout. She carries a thin, very sharp longsword on her side, and nothing else. ( You would never expect a water bender to have red, and black :p )

Personality: Confusing, and always ready for something new. Can't seem to sit still! Loves to tease, and annoy what she considers " Lesser Humanoids " everyone around her are simple toys for her own amusement. She does have a bi-polar streak where she can be manipulative in the blink of an eye, and occassionally a genuine mysterious saddened state... In certain situations usually when angry, frightened, or overly joyful on who she is fighting.. She will develop a very serious, ( Widened INSANE eyed, obviously needing professional help.. ) Killer like mindset.. With an obsession with torturing those who are unlucky enough to lose to her, by slowly killing them from.. Drowning. It is close to impossible for her to lose an encounter, because she will continue fighting until death. She will deny that she is losing.. Until the very end.. Being captured, held down, etc. Would be the only way to end the fight, without killing her, once she becomes crazy eyed.. LOSING TO HER is not a good idea, unless certain aspects are known.. It is rare that she will be merciful..( If you have ever seen Fooly Cooly, the pink haired one is a great example, she is my inspiration for most of my roleplays. )

History: As a child ( Insert YOUR shady/evil Government, gods, whatever here. Has to be shady or evil, her childhood is very dark, and mentally traumatic..) Attempted to weaponize her unique water-bending abilities, and her above average intelligence. ( Not genius, but above the general public.. ) Her powers are enhanced to mindblowing levels when presented with large bodies of water. ( Although not required to cast, it gives her basic abilites, a whole new level of dangerous. ) Which would be useful for naval dominance for example.. At roughly 16 she decided she didn't like the idea of working for... Well anyone. They were all beneath her.. If anyone was to serve it would be them serving HER! Now she travels the world looking for new life experiences, and surprisingly enjoys knowledge.

Spells, abilities:

Proficient with a longsword. ( But nowhere close to a master, but very fast with the lightweight blade. )

Water ball: A globe sized ball of water shoots off from the palm, hitting a target before exploding into many bullet droplets. It would be like getting hit by a bunch of very high powered bb's after the impact of the globe.. Push back, and good for wrapping around shields.

Water Whip: Lashes a whip of water gracefully at opponents, very annoying, and can stretch out to 30 ft.

Pressure: A focuses line of powerful water ( Like a hose. That pushes opponents very effectively. Usually into objects for physical damage. ) Can be used for flight, but only to a very limited height, and must be maintained which will be exhausing after extended use.

Water twister: Creates a barrier of twirling, high pressured water around Harusun.. Will repel most attacks, except for high velocity, or powerful attacks. ( Hits and is flung off immediately, or twirls upwards and ejected skyward.) This spell can be used very quickly, with a lag in creation.. It can be kept constant but requires a great deal of energy to maintain.

Expel: A slight lag, and intense focus, and BOOM! Water massive pressure to anyone, or any object within 10 ft in all directions, will be flung very far X D. Shockwave for anyone farther away, and a few bb droplets but other than a slight push, shouldn't be too dangerous. ( Used when in close proximity, someone charging with a sword for example. )

Water Dragon!: Her most powerful attack, after a charging period, she will expel a very large china style dragon. ( Snake like. ) But very large, and full! This attack will almost certainly knock anything unconcious that it hits directly, as well as destroy most basic walls, or barriers. It is a frightful display, but it's more fearsome looking, then actually deadly, easy to dodge for faster people..

Entangle: Two tentacles of water one from each hand wrap around the target, the pressure is very intense to make it very physical and unchanging, can hold someone in place or throw them, and.. The spell below this is commonly used with->

Bubble: After being entangled, she will transport more water through the tentacles, that will create, and stabalize a bubble around the opponent.. Which will fill and slowly drown them..
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Pick me!

Postby Lenell Belleste on March 4th, 2013, 9:14 am

Hey, Harusun. Nice to meet you. Have you looked into the races of Mizahar yet? You can find them, and other useful info by clicking on "Master Links" at the top of the page. They are really varied and creative, and you might find one you like even better than human. Also I recommend you read more about the world under "Lore" at top. There is a lot of it, and I don't think you have to know it all, but you should definitely know more about the world of Mizahar and how it works. Since you want to be heavily involved in magic, I'd check out all about magic in Mizahar especially.

You will have to post a character sheet. You start this by going to the resources forum and then to the character toolbox. There are the character sheet templates, and information on how to fill them out, and what your character is allowed to start with. You'll have to work out one that pleases you but fits within the Mizahar system and post it so others can know you and it can be checked for mistakes. Lots of answers to any questions you might have about creating your character will be in that forum, too.

I am new here as well, and not a magic user, so I can't give you too much info on that. But my basic impression is that your character is probably too far along in her abilities for a brand new character. She could develop her abilities as she goes, but she'll probably have to start out much lower down, then gain more points to have such powers. But read around, and check out whether I'm right or wrong on that.

Anyway, I don't think it's a system of "pick me," here. More that you read about the rules, the world, the system of play and decide if it is right for you, then begin the starting process. As I said, I'm new here too, so I'm no expert, but I think I have generally led you in the right starting direction at least, and putting in the time on the reading I suggested is the way to begin.

Good Luck! :)
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