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Hello there

Postby Miloh on March 8th, 2013, 11:31 am

Hi :) iam new with this stuff so i hope you like my cs:

Race: Human
Birthday & Age :498 AV (15 years old)
Gender: Female
Hello there my name is Miloh, iam 5' ft and i weight 101lb. I have short messy black hair and almond brown eyes, i also have pale skin and large eyebags.
Iam clumsy,a little grumpy and acorrding to my uncle really naive, but i am also a hard wroking person and i can be really nice when i want to...at least i try to.
My meet my mom while she was pregnant and took care of my after her dead when he really didn't have to. A month ago my uncle died from a infected wound leaving me on my own, he was a good man but the only thing i know about my history is that my mother wanted to name Rose but after her dead he named me Miloh because he always wanted a son. So now that he is gone i want to make my own story, nothing crazy, i mean i don't wanna be some kind of legend but i wanna have a past and the only way i can get myself a past is making my own future.
Rigth now iam at Syliras and thinking to take the North Kabrin Road towards Ravok, i've never been there before so i guess thats a good way to start.
I can cook (20) fish(10) hunt(15) and i have some knoledge in the blacksmith's trade(5) so if you are looking for a decent meal on the road iam your gal
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