A new start

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A new start

Postby Kisetukai on March 8th, 2013, 9:47 pm

Ok Some people have already met me and saw that I was confused. Maybe still am but here goes my official introduction.

Hi, I'm Dizzy. As some of my friends call me. I love role playing because it is to me one of the best ways to vent for the imagination for us ordinary people. Yet I guess were not ordinary because our nack for details, thrill, and awesome literary skills set us apart from the crowd.

Personally, I love this site. Already I can tell I'm gonna like it. And I have been encouraged by such a nice community that I can't help but like it.

So on to about me. Well idk what to say so I'll just say what comes to my head.
I like blue, and black, my favorite number is 9, I prefer spontaneousness over "by the book" anyday. I hate downtime, wasted time, time I could spend in action.

Im not a thief. Everything in this vault (my mind) is original. Also , oh yeah, Im kinda new to this perticuliar rp. As in post by thread and such. I don't want to be in the way so I promise I'll do more studying on lore and what not.

I'm really into this and tbh I owe some special rp'ers in the awesome chat alot. For without them I would've been gave up (you guys know who you are)! So yeah thanks.

Overall, my whole life I have considered myself a nerd. Well on the inside. I have always been lost in anime, games, manga, stories, eh not so much as movies though. I'm a critic so it's gotta be interesting! But anime's easily win my heart from a ecchi harem's plot to the epic music of inuyasha and awesome soundtrack of hotd and Sao and much more!

So in conclusion, (tryna keep it short) I found this site by luck today. I'm thrilled and consider myself a lucky person. I love the community, they accept you oh so fast. And the organization is great, the developers get both thumbs up! (not kissing up, just giving credit were it's due) well yeah I hope I didn't leave anything out but I have literally put hours into studying. So I'm drained. I hope that somewhat proves my commitment! Thank you.

My best regards and sincerest apologies for the first intro
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Hey another new guy :)

Postby Bjanu on March 8th, 2013, 10:16 pm

hello there,

I am not sure if you have a clear idea of what an introduction section is for. In here you are supposed to to introduce your real life self not the character you are creating. character sheet page is for that, i believe. And besides this i should warn you that there are plenty of gods in this realm and you should try to do some reseach before you claim your allegiance to them. As i dont think that you would like to blindly fallow all of them.
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Hey another new guy :)

Postby Amon Fade on March 8th, 2013, 11:23 pm

Hey Kisetukai,

Just trying to be helpful when I say this, you need to check out the lore and re-think your character. It doesn't seem like you've bothered to read any of the wiki .Also the introduction section is OOC and you're meant to introduce your real life self. Anyways, I hope we rp together soon and sorry for sounding like a downer xD
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