greetings mizaharians

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greetings mizaharians

Postby Bjanu on March 8th, 2013, 11:00 pm

Hello everyone.

Well my real name is Balys, but online i mostly use my nickname: Bjanu, which i used for this game as well. But you can call me anyway you want as long as you warm me that "incertyournamehere" is used for me :)

So why i came here. Well there are several things that led me here.
I came here looking for freedom of playing, exitement, stimulus for creativite and friendship.

Beeing a passionate fantasy lover i have read trough many books, however sometimes i want more then just to spectate and video games are becoming too restrictive for me. So i decided to try out roleplaying.

Roleplaying is a new thing for me. And i found this site prety accidently just by typeing in google roleplaying. I do hope i get past my low writing skill and be able to fully enter this gigantic world and amazing comunity. Becouse i do like creating stories in my head but in there they are too chaotic too be put easily onto paper.

I have started creating my character sheet, however i am a bit new on the whole lore so if anyone is interested in sharing their knowledge about isur or zith, or any other userful tips feel free to let me know.

it's nice to meet you.
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