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Postby greg on June 1st, 2013, 7:20 am

Hello every one! My characters name is going to be Valdr, so you can call me by that name.

Myself I am college student, soon to graduate this December who loves to roleplay. I’ve been Rping now for about 5 years now, mostly through MMO’s and DnD, and while forum Rp isn’t a new concept to me, I am not all that well versed in it. I stumbled upon Mizahar as I was cruising around the internet and I was very impressed, both by the concept and also the quality of the writing, one I am hoping to be able to match.

English is my second language; I am originally from Mexico, so I am sorry if I make any mistakes in the writing, or if my English sounds a bit too formal.

I am currently studying in South Florida; double majoring in International Relations and Economic.

I love Rp for many reasons, but mostly because it allows to me to express my creativity through the creation and the molding of an entirely new persona, and that is also one of the things that I enjoy about writing.

Just some interesting tid-bits about me: I like cooking, fishing, video games, television and movies (Netflix will be my downfall), I am an amateur writer though with nothing actually published. Most of the stories I have written are for a characters I had while playing some MMO’s such as Starwars Galaxies and Eve Online.

If there is anything else you’d like to know, or just looking for a chat, I’m always open!
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