Introducing: The amazing Riki!

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Introducing: The amazing Riki!

Postby Riki on June 29th, 2013, 2:18 am

I've been a long time player on another role playing site called, but then I discovered this site! Never done any kind of Role Playing with a skill system or a well-developed world like this, so I'm excited. Already created a very basic character sheet, but I'm a bit confused as to where exactly to go now. My character sheet as of now is this:

Name: Riki
Race: Human
Age: 23, Birthday August 1st
Gender: Male
Physical Description: A white male, 5 ft 6 inches tall, with brown hair and clear blue eyes.

Character Concept: Very friendly and caring of other people, but often overly trusting.
A very agile human, who seeks opportunities to entertain and help the world with his talents.
Loves testing his abilities, dislikes violence.

History: Comes from a long family line of street performers.

1 Set of Clothing (cloak/coat & footwear included)
1 Waterskin
1 Backpack which contains:
1 Set of Toiletries (comb, brush, razor, soap)
Food for a week or 1 bottle of embalming fluid (for Nuits)
1 eating knife
Flint & Steel

Family Heirloom: A rope, supposedly passed down through his entire family.
Housing: Standard Syliras Housing.

Training and Skills:
Acrobatics: (20 points starter package)
Climbing: (15 points racial bonus)
Escape Artist: (5 Points Starter Package)
Juggling: (5 points Starter Package)
Running: (15 Points Starter Package)
Swimming: (5 Points Starter Package)

Performance: Knowledge of famous performers of the area.
Juggling: Trained to be a juggler by his parents, he knows plenty of juggling techniques, even if he hasn't quite mastered them.

Languages: Common

Ledger: 100 gold Mizas

Thread List:

Yeah, I pretty much decided I'd base my character off of whatever skill in the skill list seemed fun, and I decided on Acrobatics. So obviously a descendant of street performers seemed a natural and unique choice.
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Introducing: The amazing Riki!

Postby Riki on June 29th, 2013, 2:30 am

Actually, I think maybe Syliras may be a bad starting place, I could benefit from a smaller area that I could get more help in... but it has to be populated enough that a street performer is feasible.
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Introducing: The amazing Riki!

Postby Shausha on June 29th, 2013, 3:26 am


Welcome Riki!

That's a nice character sheet you've got started.
Post it here on the character sheet forum.

As far as where to start, your welcome PM in your inbox has a bunch of pointers. Also, there's a link above the Mizahar image banner called "Getting Started". Be sure to check out that, too! Getting used to Mizahar takes a couple days, but if you read through the starting guide and some of the lore pages thoroughly, you'll get it soon enough.

The chat feature is at the top as well if you have any quick questions.

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