Just another lurker.

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Just another lurker.

Postby Crazy Horse on July 5th, 2013, 11:26 pm

For sometime, I've been lurking around the deep web, occasionally working as a jailbait censorship mod on 4chan's notorious /x board (Paranormal) since last fall. Also, playing my hand as a mod from the Resident Evil Labs forums. http://tviruslab.proboards.com/index.cgi Until it was totally annihilated by our corrupt Admin around late 2011/early 2012.

So, my RP experience is quite rusty and is need for a fine wax job. I prefer the name Jager, and not for the drink (Though it is good fun being labeled a beverage mind you ;) ) I happened by chance to stumble upon this site while I was deleting some old No-Topic files from the archive at RE Labs. In fact, my favorite RP style is non-topicality (no vampire, werewolf, fairy crap, I get enough that on /x )

Basically what I do adore to RP about is alternative histories, team quests, ancient civilizations, and the occasional dinosaur. Now from what I've seen lately is the community dedication to this site, that has to be by far my favorite commodity about Mizahar, and the tack in my side about the site is lack of debate forums. Gotta love those ideas!

So, what would I like out of Mizahar? Really just some shits and giggles. In fact, as I troll around these boards, I'll see if I can find an interesting /x thread to share with my fellow Mizaharians.

Yours truly, the newfag

~~~ Jager
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Just another lurker.

Postby Shausha on July 6th, 2013, 3:13 am

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Ghhhnnnggg white males


Hmm, never heard of something rusty being fixed with a wax job.

Be sure your account name is what you want your in-character name to be. You can change it in your user control panel thing. I see you're enjoying that function. ;)

And lucky for you, Mizahar is 100% free of fairies, werewolves and vampires. You'll get as much out of this place as you put in, so I encourage you to stay here for something a little less negligible than s---ts and giggles. :)

Welcome again!

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