Enter Raeje, Stage Left

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Enter Raeje, Stage Left

Postby Raeje on July 10th, 2013, 5:30 pm

Name - or what you'd like to be called!

Raeje works for me if it works for you.

What sort of RP experience do you have if any?

Oh, several years. I've been a writer for most of my life. Writing fiction is similar to roleplay. I've been enjoying forum RP and MMORPG's for probably about 7 years.

How did you find us?

I was searching for some decent RP forums with good content based in a strong, well created world, and this place appealed to me.

What sort of RP style is your favorite?

For the most part I am addicted to fantasy, and comic fantasy RP. I do enjoy some more medieval based RP, and even the occasional horror or suspense RP.

What do you like to write about - not write about?
I'm a writer. I like to write about almost anything, as long as I can convey it well enough.

Whats your favorite thing about Mizahar so far?
The strong world with diverse races and vast history. I also love the character sheet, because it's similar to that of a tabletop game.

What, if anything, has frustrated you about Mizahar so far?
Not having enough skill points to have a super performer. But seriously, basically just the overwhelming majority of everything. It's a little daunting.

What would you like out of the mizahar experience?

Is there anything you'd like to see expanded?
So far, no...But I'm new.

Anything else you want to talk about
The price of peas in China.
Exit, Stage Right
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Enter Raeje, Stage Left

Postby Lullaby on July 13th, 2013, 4:22 am

Hey there, Raeje! Welcome to Mizahar! I don't know the price of peas in China, but I do know it can be daunting looking at how extensive Mizahar is, but that's what makes this RP-site so unique! Take your time, and have lots of patience, you'll be comfortable in no time! It's great to hear your experience in RPing already, I hope you find here is a fantastic release of creativity! If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to catch me in Chat or message me, I will try my best! C:

Happy writing!
~ Lulls

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Enter Raeje, Stage Left

Postby Nakiru on July 13th, 2013, 5:53 am

Welcome to Mizahar, Raeje! I'm new around here myself. The lore is a lot to explore for sure, don't forget to peruse the sticky threads too, absolute need to know info in there on stuff as I came to find out. :)

See ya out there!
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