Mihiya & Malvora Absences

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Mihiya & Malvora Absences

Postby Malvora on July 13th, 2013, 8:30 pm

I'm really, super sorry. Right now though, I can't write. I literally cannot. My brain freezes and nothing worthwhile comes out. I'm taking a break. For how long? I don't know. I don't have a suitable reason, I suppose, and that sucks. Basically, right now I'm having real life issues that are overwhelming me to the point that I just...I just can't.

I know I have people waiting on threads and it sucks that you have to wait.

Additionally, I will be leaving for college in August. I can't guarantee I'll return. This site is becoming a lot of work, so if people are looking to end plots with me, I understand. Again, I apologize profusely. Stressed is how I've been feeling whenever I think of Mizahar, and that's not a good feeling.

RL reasons I'm leaving :
1) my stepmom passed away last year around this time. I'm seeing her kids for what could be the last time because their father no longer sees any reason for them to come and visit us despite the fact that we consider them family.
2) My best friend's boyfriend started flirting with me a lot and texting me in a manner that is completely inappropriate. I've had a crush on him for three years. And he will be going to college with me. I can't tell her, because she would flip out on me and forgive him immediately. Trust me, she's that girl.
3) I'm leaving for college and I'm going to be a neuroscience/biochemistry double major. I'm also running cross country, for albeit a D3 school, but it's Wartburg. Check out the running program and you'll get the stress levels about that.
4) one of my ex-whatevers. Not a boyfriend, just this guy, also goes to Wartburg. He is trying to "become a different person." I.E. he's trying to prove he's not this huge...slut... If I say anything about our past to anyone he's going to tell people about my high school...adventures. Not things I ever want revealed to the public, especially not to people who haven't even met me yet.
5) I am not religious, however, I'm being constantly pressured to change that. It's driving me bonkers and while not a serious issue, is still something that keeps my mood permanently negative.
6) I've been told to "change my attitude" 16 times in the past three days. I'm sick of it. And that too makes it hard to write.

I apologize for this...I hope it won't become permanent, but there is a perfectly good chance it will and I want you all to be prepared.

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