I am a simple man, I have simple thoughts

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I am a simple man, I have simple thoughts

Postby Jervis Hill on September 9th, 2013, 11:03 pm

Hello again everyone

I am just posting this to say I have placed up my first blog entry and request that if anyone has constructive criticism about my blog to please pm me, I'm using it to improve for writer's month and would greatly appreciate any advice on how to improve my writing style. I'm Canadian so if you could be friendly about it I'd like that too, I'm unused to sarcasm and dark humor out here in the country unlike you civilized city folks lol

Thanks in advance to any willing to help me continue to pursue my dream.; I'm working hard to improve my skills before writer's month but without formal training find it hard to spot my own flaws so feel this would be the best way to improve. Besides if I can't take criticism I'll never make it as a writer anyway.

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