RF boat travel question

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RF boat travel question

Postby Rykanis Dakshata on November 2nd, 2013, 3:23 pm

Hoping for some mod input here, on travel times/info. Perhaps some of the RF mods.

I am considering having Rykanis go to Lhavit, by boat, as I think that would be the fastest and easiest way from Riverfall.

Though I am wondering how long that would take, what it would cost, or would it work like Sylira boat travel is done where you just do a few work threads on the boat to pay your travel costs? Also how often would such boats be taking such a trip? Or would it be relatively easy to find such a ship in RF?

Also would season affect that travel? I would assume colder seasons would not be as big an issue when going around the south end of Falyndar, though it might be an issue if you leave RF in certain seasons, or are arriving in Lhavit during certain seasons.

So just wondering on travel time for this, along with a few other things. I was figuring on it taking around a full season, but was not sure if it might be more or less, even drastically so.

Thanks, and happy Rping, Rykanis Dakshata
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RF boat travel question

Postby Alea Davenport on November 2nd, 2013, 3:50 pm

I think the going rate for boat travel is about 1 GM per day, though you can work off some or all of the cost.

As for time, it would take more like a year. It's a big continent, and you have to sail all the way around Falyndar.
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