A question for creators

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A question for creators

Postby Kaden Swift on November 13th, 2013, 8:42 pm

So for a few days I have gone back and forth between wanting to create a new character too wanting to try my hand in creating something for everyone; namely trying to make something like magic or a creature. Not something that’s easy but nor is creating a character if you take your time. Since I love Kaden and don’t want to stray from his story I decided to just wait. Still itching to make something, I want to ask everyone who has tried to, thinking of; or even just has thoughts of their own.

What does it take to make a successful creation? Not every idea can be made real and it takes a lot of work and planning. Even the ones that have everything honed to the finer details can fail. Be it magic, god, religion, race or creature, what do you think forms a good idea or makes something useful? Or even what you think is missing from the site?
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