Writing in Absences

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Writing in Absences

Postby Marcus Dymez on November 14th, 2013, 1:41 am

What a ride this past year has been.

So, quick primer. I've been gone from Miza for quite a while now (About a year and some change). Not to bore you with too many personal details, but a lot of things went wrong really quickly, to which I promptly began an adventure involving a period of homelessness, travelling to a new state almost every month, and stuff like that. I had quite a few other things on my mind, so understand if my writing hobby wasn't tended to. However, now that I've finally gotten around to stabilizing things a bit, I decided to come back to see how my old haunting grounds fared.

Tl;dr, I've been gone a damn long time for reasons.

Now, onto the actual discussion. Naturally, Marcus wasn't in Cryo this entire time, so while I refamiliarize myself with his character development so far and with the lore in general, I was curious about any interesting ways you mates have seen/written concerning a leave-of-absence. I like to avoid retconning and the like as much as possible, so I'll be branistorming over the next few days to come up with something suitable. Cheers!

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