A wild Gannakus appears

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A wild Gannakus appears

Postby Gannakus on January 29th, 2014, 7:54 am

Hi everyone. I'll be going by Gannakus here,but you can call me Brad. A friend of mine introduced me to Mizahar and I'm interested in joining the game.

I'm 28 years old and I live in Kansas. I've had experience in many types of RP, from tabletop, to forum based gaming, to MMOs. I've been gaming all my adult life.
I like gaming where I can put my full creativity to use, whether in text or image. I'm a man who has many ideas to put into play in any game.

I like combat scenarios, but I also like character development as well. I like getting involved in the bigger world around me.

I haven't created a character yet, but I have an idea of what I want to play.

What would be the viability of a Drykas gladiator?
Where would be the best city to go with this?
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A wild Gannakus appears

Postby Ainyi on January 30th, 2014, 1:01 am

Hey there! Let me be the first to welcome you to Miza! I'm Ainyi, and I'm in Wind Reach :) It sounds like you're very experienced and we're happy to have you here. Feel free to pop into Chat sometime, and say hello. We're all very friendly, and would love to get to know you.

A Drykas Gladiator? Definitely possible! Some cities worth looking into might be Alvadas, Sunberth, mayyyybe Ravok or Sahova. However, I would explore all of them just to get a feel for the world. Just make sure you can justify your character being in whatever place they are in. Were they raised with their Drykas clan, and moved to the city? Did they grow up in the city? Stuff like that.

Also, be sure your character and your username match Drykas name aesthetics, if you're planning on playing one. If you have a good lore justification for why your name may not aesthetically sound like a Drykas name, go for it, just be prepared to make that adjustment. If you want to pick a different Drykas name, however, you can change your username to match.

If you ever need help, don't feel shy! PM someone, or hop on chat. Again, welcome! :)

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