Can you help me?

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Can you help me?

Postby Blup on March 2nd, 2014, 10:15 am

Hello everybody!

I prefer say it now: I am not here to play. Indeed, I'm a foreign and I learn English. To improve it, I decided to come on a RPG forum to read the posts. My english is medium but I do my better to improve it. My dream is to go in England to visit this country. But I digress, sorry...

So please, can someone indicate to me one or two good players who are on this forum? I want follow them to read English texts.

Your forum is really nice and really clear. I congratulate the people who worked for that!
Of course, I think this account is completly useless for the forum but please, don't delete it now. I just want some indications about the players who have a good feeling with words (and I don't want create tension when I say this) :)

Thank you for reading this message!
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