Well hello there, fine gentlemen!

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Well hello there, fine gentlemen!

Postby Gabarrey on May 9th, 2014, 9:10 am

... I am Gabarrey, and eh, well, I'm new here! You can call me by my username, my more commonly used username (thenoobbomb - you'll find me on several other forums, Xbox Live, Steam etc), any variatons on that name (noobbomb, noob - whatever, I'll get it!) or my real name - Steven.

I'm 17 years old, and live in a town called "Goes" (not pronounced in the way you probably think it is), which lies in the south-wets of the Netherlands. I found this site while googling "fantasy rp forum" while bored, as the forum I usually RP on was a bit quiet yesterday. Since then I've been eyeing at the site. I've so far read some of the getting started things, and am hoping to start working on my first character soon. Mizahar seems to be thoroughly worked out, so I've got a lot of information to get my head round while creating the man! Shouldn't be that much of a problem, though, as I can remember quite a lot of information about settings once I get to know them a bit (ask me anything about Warhammer 40.000, and there's a really big chance I'll know it!).

I've Roleplayed on various sites for two or three years now, and while I don't consider myself to be that good at it, I do think I've greatly improved. I started out with one-line asterisk roleplay - the horror, the horror! My English used to be fairly crap, too (I blame the teachers), but that has since then improved greatly, too, and I think that I can speak English fairly well nowadays.

I'm currently working on the basic concept of my character at the moment - he'll be a hunter of some sort (bounty and animals, eh ;)), and won't really stay in towns for a long while, unless he can find something of interest there. I'll be starting out in Sunberth - it seems like a great place to me for starting out, with all the different cultures and that, and also a great place to start for my character: backstabbing gallore! He'll probably be a bit like Hemet Nesingwary (don't wory, I don't clone stuff!) from WoW in that he's one of those folks that travels the world in order to find nice, new trophies to add to his collection.

Anyways, that'll be me. I spend my spare time reading (nothing currently, have recently finished reading A Song Of Ice and Fire), roleplaying, playing video games (lots of different games on Xbox, World of Warcraft on PC), and wargaming (Warhammer Fantasy and 40.000).

Usefull links will be put here soon-ish.
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Well hello there, fine gentlemen!

Postby Xen on May 9th, 2014, 4:02 pm


Heroic Escapades

“ Welcome to Mizahar, Steven. There's a lot to explore and discover--dangers to encounter and treasures to be found!

I believe we are kindred souls! I began with the infamous one-line asterisk roleplay style to but Mizahar changed that... a lot. If you are in need of help, regarding the lore of a specific race or some other lore then don't hesitate to ask the kind people of chat--the moderators, or even the friendly greeters.

This brings back memories of another site. The players I knew on the site called it M.A.L but it’s somewhat inactive now: it sparked my writing legacy, well two clubs of the site did.

Aside from my little trek through memory lane—welcome to Mizahar, it’s good to have you, Steven. ”

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