If you don't mind...

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If you don't mind...

Postby Kyo on August 23rd, 2014, 5:13 am

I have a few questions.

1.) My character is a Kelvic, and has been in the wilds for some time. As such, he doesn't use weapons to fight/hunt. For now, I have him with 'unarmed combat' to represent his teeth-and-claws style of fighting (while in his animal form). Is this correct? I'm wondering because there seems to be a difference between animal-unarmed and human-unarmed.

Background: My Kyo hasn't spent a whole ton of time in his human form. Thus, it would be strange for him to act skilled in human-unarmed. I mean, he could tackle and roll around on the ground and bite and kick and punch like any fool, but without any sort of training or style. He would likely get his ass kicked every time in human form against any person with even minor experience, despite his knowledge of animal-unarmed.

2.) Can an NPC be an animal? The NPC page seems to be directed at human NPC's (though it does list 'companion' specifically, which could be an animal), and I feel like it might be valid to have an animal that has skills from the skill list.

Background: As I said, my character has been living in the wilds. He has two dogs in his 'pack', whom he considers his brother and sister. They go with him pretty much everywhere, and have been valuable to him throughout his life. For all intents and purposes, they are his family, and the only one he's got: they take care of him, hunt with him, keep him from sticking his nose into danger, help him get through tough times, etc.

Are animals allowed skills, like the animal-unarmed I asked about in the first question? Many skills could easily be applied to an animal (acrobatics, climbing, endurance, escape artist, fishing, foraging, hunting, etc.). Dogs even come listed with purposes; my Akinva Deerstalkers are especially good hunters and guard dogs. It would be useful to know an animal's 'stats' especially if they were to be pitted against another animal in competition (say, races or fights).

Following that line, are dogs allowed to attack other characters, if the need arises? Or would that be considered an 'unfair advantage over other players' (quoted from NPC lore)? Like, can a dog be used for protection, as might a bodyguard which IS considered to be fair play?

A follow-up: If these dogs ARE allowed to be NPC's, then would they need to be supported financially as regular NPC's are? They don't require clothing, can usually hunt and feed and water themselves, don't require shelter as they typically live in the wild (so don't need rent/kennel money). If injured or sick, they wouldn't likely be subjected to medical attention (or that could be paid for separately, if necessary).

I ask all of this because the concept of an animal NPC is an interesting one to me, especially considering the bonds that some players have with animals (etc. the Drykas and their Striders).

Thank you for any and all help! ^_^ And I apologize for the length!
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If you don't mind...

Postby Khida on August 23rd, 2014, 12:08 pm

1. Unarmed Combat is the correct skill for a Kelvic fighting in their animal form. The distinction between animal and human Unarmed Combat comes in lores; i.e. you will earn different lores for fighting as an animal versus if Kyo fights as a human. And of course, your posts should always reflect what Kyo actually knows, i.e. he shouldn't act skilled in human-unarmed if he hasn't used it.

2. Animals are not NPCs and do not have skills. If you want a companion/guard dog, you pay for them out of your ledger. This may pose a problem for you, because if Kyo is a Kelvic living in the wilds, it likely makes most sense for him to have no possessions/money. (My character did not when she started out; as a falcon in the middle of the Sea of Grass, there was no way and no reason to bring such things with her. This is the disadvantage of going about in animal form.)

'Bonded' animals (Striders, Wind Eagles, tavan) are different because they come with a culture and are perks of belonging to that culture.

I would suggest you have Kyo already in a city. That way you can justify his possessions and have the starting money available to account for the dogs. That, or figure out why he has things while living in the middle of nowhere as a coyote.
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