(Un)Ranked Knights and stuff.

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(Un)Ranked Knights and stuff.

Postby Ehati on December 16th, 2014, 5:32 pm

Once upon a time, when I made Ehati, I was told that the position of unranked knight didn't exist, and that it was more like an OOC designation to say that you're a knight, but due to lower skills than knights usually have, you can only flashback your knighting quest when you get those up, but IC, and for all your friends know ICly, you're fully a knight.

Has that changed? Lately, in the lore and in Syliras regarding the knights in places like the shield points, Unranked knights are listed. Is it a thing now, or have I simply misunderstood this whole time? I don't want to be misleading people when I tell them that unranked knights don't exist, but so far it seems that I am completely wrong.

Can anyone clear this up?

Thank you!

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(Un)Ranked Knights and stuff.

Postby Orion Michaels on December 17th, 2014, 12:27 pm

I could be wrong on my interpretation, but to me an unranked knight is just a 'Knight' as is listed in the lore. Based on what I've read and seen over the last few years, the difference (beyond the skills, obviously) between a knight with their quest and without is this:

A gnosis and the ability to promote.

Unranked means they don't have sergeant, captain, warden, ect. They are simply a knight. A knight is a knight. Unranked is just a way of saying they haven't risen past the first step.

Someone with more knowledge on this can certainly step in and correct me, but in the lore's context speaking on unranked, it's the conclusion I've drawn. Just my two copper. :)
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