Mizahar Literature:

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Mizahar Literature:

Postby Adyel on February 4th, 2016, 3:20 am

Hello All:

Welcome, welcome to this wonderful thread you see here. And are possibly reading. I've been doing threads with my other characters and one thing that struck me as odd, was that there wasn't much information of lore within the literature section. So... To start of. I've been thinking that we could possibly combine all of our wonderful minds, and create lore articles for the mostly used (Common) books throughout Mizahar. I mean, since there are price lists and everything at certain locations. Though, no actual tangible information.

I'm wondering, if any of you guys would want to assist me with writing up a few lores in books. So like, the characters could have something to reference to. I don't know if there are any lores for particular books/writings, but this had struck me as curious so, I'm just asking for help on writing these books up, so that I won't actually have to do a lot of work, (Because I'm imagining the books, if they were like fiction, or non-fiction, the books, and the actual pages would have to be probably have to be written up through multiple posts, or perhaps one large post per book, and have each portion within the book separated by indents or tabs or something). Anyways just let me know. Also, if anyone has a link to the book lore(s) (If there was one created already), I won't mind a link. :)

EDIT: Since I have received a link from a good friend. But, we could still possibly do some more write ups on other things, like other creatures or something.... (Oh, jeez I think I screwed up here, lol. Sorry, didn't realize there was lore on books.... *Hides head under desk, and doesn't come out until the next week due to shame...*)
Thanks all,


P.S. If any of you are unable to interpret what I wrote, I can gladly clarify for you. (I might be a little of with my phrasing and all, been sick lately... :( )
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