Archietectrix Structures & Relationships

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Archietectrix Structures & Relationships

Postby Naia Whitewater on February 4th, 2016, 5:21 am

I was reading the lore, and I began wondering about the relationships between Archi Mages and Archietrix structures that are not specifically houses or shops?

The lore mentions that sentient structures may less often take form and shape as structures such as bridges or walls, and I think I recall someone mentioning that even ships could be sentient (though I imagine a ship would behave similarly to a house, though the issue of size restriction would perhaps need a different parameter), and I brought up likelihood of sentient pycon dollhouses in chat, and I was wondering how, or if, this changes or modifies the 'resident/caretaker' relationship between the structure and mage, given many of these particular buildings cannot explicitly house the mage as a denizen?

On a further note, would such structures be able/willing to initiate someone into the magic?- In the sense that I'm not sure I can see a bridge or length of wall finding proper cause or want to initiate anyone.
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