Wind Reach is OPEN!

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Wind Reach is OPEN!

Postby Emergence on August 19th, 2016, 8:45 pm

Wind Reach is

Officially Open!


Hello Mizahar! I am Emergence and the new AS of Wind Reach! I have officially opened Wind Reach for the remaining few days of Summer and have exciting plans for the Fall that is to come. Please ignore the (Closed) part of Wind Reach's title. I am working to have it removed but may not be able to do so until next month.

Wind Reach is an exciting city known worldwide for their seemingly magical Dire Wind Eagles that their citizens use as mounts. Wind Reach is located within a somewhat active volcano and is inhabited by the flaming haired Inarta people. They face a hard life living atop a mountain and food is their greatest and most valuable resource. They city is divided up into a Caste system that proves very useful for the cities survival. Half the year the people of the city are open to roam across the Unforgiving of Kalea, though come mid Fall through mid Spring the city is trapped in insane amounts of snow.

There are many exciting opportunities for a PC in Wind Reach. Although the city is overall very enclosed and unfamiliar with the rest of Mizahar, it is one of the best places for PC growth. The Caste system pushes the PC to strive and challenge themselves to move up in their city, all the way to the top where they may attain a Wind Eagle of their own. I have some fun and exciting quest lines for this upcoming season, come be a part of them!

I look forward to all the new players coming in and to all the old players that may travel to my fine little city. It is going to be a fun season!
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