PSA Correct Miza Conversions! PLEASE READ

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PSA Correct Miza Conversions! PLEASE READ

Postby Emergence on September 3rd, 2016, 10:54 pm


Dear Mizahar:

Last night it came to my attention that a large selection of Mizahar's player base is converting Mizas incorrectly. No, this is not just new players, in fact is seems to be mostly very old and experienced players who are doing this wrong, so even if you are positive you are correct, please read this, you may be wrong.

In the Price List it quotes conversions as "1gm=10sm=100cm" This means that 1gm=100cm or that 10sm=100cm. Many of you are thinking that 100cm=1sm or that 100sm=1gm. THIS IS FALSE.

Please understand that 1sm=10cm and that 10sm=1gm. There is no such thing as double digits in silver mizas or copper mizas as then they would be able to convert. For example 90cm is not 10cm shy of a silver miza, rather it is actually 9sm. Although technically you can have 90cm, it just means you have broken down 9sm into all copper mizas. Like breaking a dime (10cents) into 10 pennies. Possible, but inconvenient.

If you are from America think of a Gold Miza as a 1 dollar, Silver Mizas as a dime and copper mizas as pennies. There are 10 pennies in a dime, 10 dimes in a dollar and 100 pennies in a dollar. For those of you not American, sorry I don't know other money systems :P

For a lot you this mean you are going to have to go back and redo your entire ledger. I know this sucks, trust me I redid two ledgers last night as a favor for people and it was not fun. I'm sorry to break this news, but I believe its vital as you may be cheating yourself out of money, or (the more likely case) you are giving yourself more money than you actually have.

If you have any questions at all please, reply here or send me a PM. I am trying very hard to fix this.
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