Greetings from the Duchess of Disdain

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Greetings from the Duchess of Disdain

Postby Fragmenta on December 20th, 2016, 3:24 am

Hey guys. I'm excited to meet all of you at some point, so please don't be shy, because I'm certainly not.

I usually go by my online handle CherryStatic (just Cherry, if that's easier) or various nicknames I've acquired over the years, including (but not limited to) the "Duchess of Disdain" or "Voluptua, Queen of Curves". But seriously, you can call me whatever you want. Names aren't that important, are they?

My most recent online RP forum experience was with the Broken Dagger, a low-fantasy setting based around a medieval town known as Myrken. While I had a lot of fun there and thoroughly enjoyed the stories I was able to help tell, the largely freeform posting and lack of any kind of rule system beyond "don't powerplay" left me wanting a little more. I've been an avid pen-and-paper tabletop RPG player for about five years now, so the structure and mechanics of Mizahar drew me in like a fly to honey.

I love character development. Period. As long as a character is growing in some way or contributing to a plot (be it personal or shared between players), I enjoy myself, and that's what roleplaying is all about in my opinion: having fun while telling meaningful stories and collaborating with others to create an engaging and fascinating fantasy world. That being said, I am not personally a fan of posts that revolve solely around the various countless tasks a PC performs throughout the day. If something reads like a grocery list, I probably won't take the time to read it unless specifically asked to. No hate for anyone that RPs in this manner, it's just not a style that I can personally appreciate (although I guess I can more easily understand it here because of the way the skill progression is implemented).

I think that Mizahar's biggest selling point (or at least, the one that drew me in) is the lore. It's nice to see a concerted effort being made towards a departure from the more "traditional" Tolkien-esque fantasy elements. I've only been a member for a day or so, and while I recognize similarities with some of my favorite RPG mechanics, the sheer amount of original content is refreshing to say the least. This is somewhat of a double-edged blade in some ways, because the sheer amount of content has me so absorbed in reading about the world that I've yet to start posting, despite having made my character sheet. But I think this is a good thing; I wouldn't want to dive into a shallow pool of water.

I'm looking forward to roleplaying a variety of characters that are challenged by the world of Mizahar and its inhabitants. Interaction between PCs and the character growth that stems from it as a result is infinitely satisfying to me, and it's something that you can't get from watching television or playing a video game. It's just not as personal. And while reading is awesome (everyone should read when they have the time), writing is such an intimate way of exploring your own thought process and creativity, and you grow as a person because of it, believe it or not.

A Couple of Things About My Characters and Writing Style:
-the majority of my characters are female. There is no deep, underlying reason for this. I don't hate male characters. I have several. But for whatever reason, I have always been more comfortable roleplaying women. I think that a large part of this stems from trial and error playing more flamboyant male characters, which can and do make many people feel uncomfortable (unfortunately). No one blinks twice if a woman wields a parasol in combat or pairs every outfit with a ballroom masque. Such is the way of the world we live in, but hopefully Mizahar isn't the same, and I can afford to play some (not all) of my male characters the way I would like to without offending others. To be perfectly honest, gender is a complete non-issue in my mind, and my character concepts are based largely around what others are comfortable interacting with.
-if a plot is best served by my character dying or being horribly disfigured, I'm totes ok with that. Tragedy, justice, revenge and bloodlust are powerful elements in many of the greatest stories ever written. Just because a character dies doesn't mean that the actions they took while alive are somehow less important or invalidated. Death is not weakness. Death is a part of life.
-I am not afraid to touch upon topics that some people might be sensitive to, including sex, rape, fetishes, child abuse and mental disorders. Just because I write about it doesn't mean that I endorse it on any level, but these are very real things and they can influence people in a variety of way, and as such, they make fairly solid plot devices or elements of a character's background. That being said, I absolutely understand and respect the PG-13 rule for posting, and I will do my best to adhere to that by posting about said topics in a tasteful manner or straight up fading to black, but I will not exclude these topics from my writing unless specifically told to by a forum admin. If it becomes an issue, I can make some sort of notation in the title of posts that contain material that could upset someone. I don't want to "trigger" anyone.

Sorry about the walls of text, guys. I'm really excited to be here are write with all of you. Shoot me a PM or say "hello" in the chat and we can figure out what to write about together!

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Greetings from the Duchess of Disdain

Postby Yisanareysin on December 20th, 2016, 3:30 am

I've already greeted you in chat, but welcome to Miz! You'll fit right in in Alvadas tragic backstories are our favourite pastime
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Greetings from the Duchess of Disdain

Postby Arisia on December 20th, 2016, 8:49 am

Hello and welcome to mizahar.

I've spoken to you in the chat about some odd topics, but I thought I'd post here aswell, I look forward to seeing you around Alvadas :)

On a side note the flamboyant male characters would probably fit right in in certain places here. I'd look forward to seeing one played.
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Greetings from the Duchess of Disdain

Postby Liminal on December 24th, 2016, 11:04 pm

Welcome. Hope you enjoy your stay!
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