[Discussion] The Entire Eyktol Region

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[Discussion] The Entire Eyktol Region

Postby Sheaya on October 13th, 2017, 7:45 pm

I'm curious if there's been any updates with the Benshira yet? I went to brush up on Benshira lore and had quite the reading list to catch up on, a part of me is excited to see some breath of life being put back into the region, but I will admit I'm a little scared too given my love for the race.

Honestly, reading everything here broke my heart. I can see the flaws in how the original race and understand why everything was taken down, and I know there have never been a great number of Benshira compared to the other multitude of humans or other races. That being said, there was a lot of culture there that has been erased (or at least moved) with everything else. I use to reference a lot of things from the Benshira page as well as the codex in Yahebah (I believe that is where the Benshira slang use to be).
For me, who RPed a Benshira who held close to traditions of the race I'm wondering how much I'm going to have to change or at least consider inaccurate in my old writings. I'm really hoping for the best here, I really love the race.
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